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Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Inspired by Perl, Ruby started showing up in the mid 1990’. The creator of this open source programming language is Yukihiro Matsumoto, a computer scientist from Japan. As its creator said, Ruby is supposed to be designed to inspire creativity through fun. Ruby is highly portable. Versions for all known operating systems exist and if not you can always build it from source since it is free and open source programming language.

Ruby Features

Ruby Examples

The popular Hello World example (most of programming books start with this example code). In ruby it is a simple one liner :

print "Hello, World!\n"

Here is an example with input (your name) :

puts Hi! print enter your name: name = gets.chomp puts "Hi! #{name}"

Ruby on Rails

Most of the time along with Ruby we hear Ruby on Rails as well. It is an advanced web application framework that became hugely popular in recent years. It was released in 2004 by guys at Basecamp. When Apple announced that it will add RoR to their operating system all the fun began and since then it is supported, actively developed and sponsored by 37signals. Latest 4.0 version was released on June 25th, 2013.