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Python is an open source, multi purpose, high level programming language. It is gaining popularity in recent years especially in environments that need quick and real-time deployment. Applications and software written in python can be deployed on all major infrastructures and operating systems making it one of the first choices in environments with different systems.

Development of Python programming language started in second half of 1980’. Guido van Rossum is the creator of Python. One of the major points that proponents of Python are glowing about is its code readability. Second version was released in 2000 and since then its user base is growing rapidly. As other modern programming languages, Python is object oriented and with automatic memory management. It is also highly extensible and comes with big selection of libraries to speed up development process. It can quickly be integrated with .NET as well.

Due to its clean and clear, readable code any experienced programmer can quickly learn the language. Novices in programming will learn quickly as well. Some say that Python is the most beginner friendly programming language currently available.

Just to show you how simple it is let’s look at the example below.

name = raw_input(What is your name?\n) print Hi, %s. % name

This program will ask for your input. Once you enter your name and then type print command it will give you a nice Hi, Your Name.

The future seems bright for Python. Developers using this programming language are sought for and paid well. More and more businesses are even moving their applications from “old” languages to python due to quicker deployment. That way those who implement Python are usually one step ahead.