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Java is object oriented programming language intended as easy to use cross platform solution. It is a modern language that is concurrent and class based. In 1991 it was first developed as a solution for interactive television but it was so much ahead of its time that it didn’t pick up at first.

In 1995 Sun Microsystems released the first version (1.0). As mentioned earlier its main “selling” point was 100% cross platform compatibility out of the box. The slogan was write once, run everywhere. Web quickly picked it up and by 2000 all major browsers had a support for Java built in. It opened the whole new world for developers and some SEO companies. Complex and secure applications that are running the same way on multiple platforms were finally possible. Although a little slower than C++ and similar languages it went to become one of the most popular computer programming languages and is still strong today.

Java Code Example

public class HelloWorldExample{ public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println("Hello World !"); } }

Declare variable example :

int variable